I am Miss Boo, or Bente as my parents chose to name me. I am a Norwegian illustrator and designer with a love for drawing.

My creations are organic yet graphic, realistic yet fantastical. All drawn with my eyes wide shut.

I was born in 1977 and 2 years later my mum discovered that the only time I would sit still was when she put pencils and paper in front of me.

My imagination was fuelled by my grandmothers brutal and beautiful fairytales, my grandfathers passion for painting and my families numerous trips out into the forests and mountains nearby - teeming with trolls and faeries. 

As a result I spent most of my childhood playing in the vast woodland around our house -  and hour upon hour drawing and reading in my room.

It´s little wonder how things turned out...

So far so boo...

Both my education and experience is a happy mixture of different fields and techniques.  

After finishing my illustration degree I worked on various projects, covering children´s books, cd-covers, posters, flyers, articles and editorial, as well as promotional pieces for beauty products and illustrations for the fashion industry.  

Clients: FFI-Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Vinmonopolet, VG, Dagbladet, Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening, Spoon Agency (Teft), Redink, Oslo Met/Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus, Kongsberg Kommune

In 2007, 3 friends and I, co-founded the design company Funkle designing and producing textile products and tableware. In the following years I still worked occasionally as a freelance illustrator, but was mainly employed as a designer and product developer for Funkle until 2013.

My adventure now continues as a freelance illustrator, designer and storyteller...

It´s all going to be tickety-boo!


(tickety-boo (ˌtɪkɪtɪˈbuː)


1. Going smoothly, doing all right

2. As it should be; correct; satisfactory)


Award for Design Excellence (Norwegian Design Council) - for the blanket "The Power Collection" by Funkle (2010)

German design Award - Nominee - for the blanket "The Power Collection" by Funkle (2012)

Kvernkallprisen 2011 - awarded to Funkle for contributing with innovation, productivity and sustainable activity to our local community.



All rights reserved ©Miss Boo and ©Funkle.

If you wish to use any of my illustrations from this website for press or blogs please credit my images with Miss Boo and a link to this website. Feel free to drop me a line, as I would love to see my images in use :)

Any requests regarding the Funkle products or the use of Funkle imagery for press or other, please send to post@funkle.no.